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Why choose SSoA for your agency's debt recovery needs?


Aged Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Debt Recovery program was established in SSoA in FY17. This program provides enterprise-wide management of aged A/R and is a streamlined collection process for State of Alaska agencies. 

Take advantage of:

- Private sector collection agency services
- Competitive debt recovery rates
- Virtually no minimum requirements*
- Accelerated onboarding process
- Reduced workload and internal costs
- Data driven results & key performance indicator tracking
- Our ability to scale and meet your needs
- Collection costs are based on a contingent fee percentage - charged only to debt that is collected


*Referral accounts must have a $25 minimum balance. The Department of Administration reserves the right to review and make exception when applicable.

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What is the onboarding process for SSoA Aged A/R and Debt Recovery?


Alaska Statute authorizes State agencies to use various tools and programs to enforce collection action on delinquent accounts. SSoA works to identify and inventory aged accounts receivable, onboards accounts to private collections agencies, and provides continuous customer account support through the entire debt recovery process. 

SSoA has simplified the onboarding process into the five steps detailed below. Depending on the complexity of the debt type to be collected, we estimate the onboarding process to take 45-120 days.

1. Client Requirements
       · Fill out and send us a Debt Referral Questionnaire.
       · We will meet with you to introduce the SSoA Aged A/R and Debt Recovery program and discuss the debt type.

2. Portfolio Review
       · Send us an aged accounts receivable file for SSoA to review.
       · We will send you vendor letters & scripting for your review and feedback.

3. Process Review
       · How to submit new files. 
       · What to expect in monthly remittance.
       · What reporting is available.

4. Integration Test
       · Review final go-live criteria.
       · Dry-run of processes.
       · Schedule a final Go/No-go Meeting.
       · Execute a Service Level Agreement.

5. Go-Live


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