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Shared Services of Alaska Aged Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Debt Recovery program provides enterprise-wide management of aged A/R and the collection process for State of Alaska agencies.  This program was established in SSoA in FY17.

Alaska Statute authorizes State agencies to use various tools and programs to enforce collection action on delinquent accounts. SSoA works to identify and inventory aged accounts receivable, onboards accounts to private collections agencies, and provides continuous customer account support through the entire debt recovery process.

Private collection agencies authorized to collect on behalf of SSoA:
      - Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACT) 
      - Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC. (Reliant)

SSoA is dedicated to upholding the rights afforded to individuals and businesses under the law. Please see below for more information on our program.

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  Account Control Technology
       +1 (844) 898-1129

   Reliant Capital Solutions
       +1 (866) 837-5096

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