Shared Services of Alaska Governance

Shared Services of Alaska Governance

The Department of Administration (DOA) established the Forward Together governance structure in 2020 to ensure department business needs are met at the same time enterprise-wide administrative processes are implemented effectively, on time and on budget, and with the anticipated outcomes.

SSoA has established foundational program management documents to improve documented procedures, clarify services through SLAs, increase accountability of SSoA through key performance indicators and automated business intelligence reporting, and improve transparency and supporting documentation for chargebacks paid by departments.



Accounts Payable-
Travel & Expense

Program Overview Documents

Overview Fact Sheet


Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard


AAPEX Progress Update

Summary Table

Procedures | Operational Data

Process Maps | Diagrams

GAX | IN | PRC | PCard

Travel | Emergency Travel

Documented Procedures

Summary Table

Automated Operational Data Reporting

Power BI

Services | Performance | Cost

Service Level Agreement


Key Performance Indicator Scorecard

4/2021 Scorecard |
Supporting Documentation

Chargeback Memo



The Forward Together governance structure is comprised of three levels: (1) Governance Council, (2) advisory committees, and (3) working groups.  The SSOA-Accounting Advisory Committee's update and program overview report to Governance Council on 12/8/2020 is available at this link [URL]

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