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Leasing Services

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     Leasing Contracting Officers

State Leasing & Facilities Manager
Rob Daly
(907) 269-0300

Contracting Officer IV
Ken Stewart
(907) 269-8486


Matt Moya
(907) 269-0304

Southeast Region, Cordova, Valdez
Daniel Valette
(907) 269-0310

Southwest Region, Southcentral Region, Kodiak
Rashaad Esters
(907) 269-0305

Northern Region, Mat-Su Borough
Steve Smith
(907) 269-0301



  What We Do

  • Negotiate lease terms and consolidate private leased space into state-owned facilities when economies can be realized.
  • Provide oversight and management of lease terms and conditions to ensure compliance.
  • Manage space-planning and architectural design services for agencies to achieve greater space utilization.
  • Urgently address and remedy tenant concerns and hold private lessors accountable for all cure issues relevant to the lease.


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Leasing Resources

   Leasing Statutes

   Leasing Regulations

   Statewide Lease List

    Lease Action Request Form

    Leasing Solicitation Registration

    Leasing Incident Report Form


State Resources

Department of Administration


Office of Procurement and Property Management


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