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Facilities Services

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This program coordinates with the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) to manage the maintenance, operation, and capital improvement projects of the facilities established under the Alaska Public Building Fund (PBF). 

  What We Do

  • Manage and assign office and other types of space in DOA Buildings to tenant agencies according to the guidelines established under PBF and Non-PBF code.
  • Occupancy Rate Development
  • Provide oversight and management of occupancy agreement terms and conditions to ensure compliance.
  • Manage space-planning and architectural design services for agencies to achieve greater space utilization.
  • Provide oversight for associated tenant improvements, deferred maintenance, and capital improvement projects.


Facilities Resources

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Rules and Emergency Procedures

    Alaska Public Building Fund


State Resources

  Department of Administration


  DOT&PF Division of Facilities Services


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